Frequently Asked questions

Can we order siblings pictures together?

Yes! Click for password login on "More Enter Password ...". You can enter up to five access codes simultaneously. This will unlock all available photos. You can order as combined and save shipping costs.


I got a card with password access - how can I order photos?

If you have received a password card with a personal password, go to the " PASSWORD LOG IN ", enter the password and click "Open Album".


I got an email with login information - how can I order photos?

If you have received an email with login information, then click on the button in the email, which takes you to the album. then come to the side of the "Welcome". Enter your login information, ie email address and password that you have received.


Where we see the status of our order such as cash receipt, production or delivery date?

The easiest way is to click on the link in your order e-Mailzu is. Alternatively, you can feel safe with password and your e-mail address at " PASSWORD LOGIN " under " Welcome back log". The order details, then look in " My Account ".


How long does the delivery take?

The delivery time depends on the one hand by the payment. When paying via PayPal and direct debit order will be executed immediately. Advance payments generally last 3-4 days longer. Secondly, the delivery time depends on the selected products. The production times can be found in the respective product information.


Is the logo (watermark) from the image?

No. The watermark is only for protection against illegal downloads.


What is the quality of prints, posters, etc.?

We work exclusively with selected specialist laboratories. These specialized laboratories use quality materials from reputable suppliers in order not to compromise on quality. Should nevertheless times make a mistake, we will take care of course why.


Can you adjust the shot?

Yes. In the cart you have the chance. If you shrink the picture, a magnification of that region is created. Pay attention to the stars that show you whether the photo's resolution is sufficient for the enlargement. You can fit a photo too, so nothing is cut off from the subject.


I rarely buy online - how can I order photos here?

Select a photo album from a photo that you like and click on it. Then select the product of your choice, enter the number and click on the button "Add to Cart". Do you have any photos to your shopping cart that you like, click on the top right of "basket" and follow the instructions.



The photos can be ordered a month after they were published in the gallery. To conserve storage space, the photos will be deleted.


The watermark on the photos serves only to protect. When you order the photos, the watermark is removed in the photos. Both the Downloads and the print products.

delivery time

After receipt of the photos will be sent immediately to your home. The delivery time is 2-3 days for most products. Digital Downloads you can download directly.


Photos are fully exposed through our specialized laboratory. We use high quality and durable materials. In particular, the Silk Paper is ideal for portraits.